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A Weight-Loss Villain: What A Snickerdoodle Is And How To “De-Snickerdoodle-It” To Keep Off Unwanted Pounds

This Article Reveals The Biggest Mistake
People Make Before Eating Junkfood. Discover It
And You’ll Eat Half As Much Junkfood Starting

Flipping through Insider Fitness magazine I stumbled on a new word and recipe:


At face value it seems like an innocent children’s word. And if you, like me, still like the thought fables, myth and magic, you’d think it sounds like something right out of a children’s fairy tale.

Here’s a picture of what I mean:

Just imagine children gleefully gobbling up snickerdoodles under a blooming cherry tree on top of a hill in Alice in Wonderland and you’ll see why a snickerdoodle sounds like it belongs in a children’s fantasy world.

Just think about it…

Problem is, when you’re trying to lose weight the snickerdoodle is a woman’s worst enemy AND it’s part of the ploy to trick you into eating a figure-destroying sugar-craving…

… the snickerdoodle is a villain who tricks (hoodwinks!) her victims using innocence and deceit to get her to eat very weird “things” with a surprising amount of willingness and glee.

And if you don’t know how to deal with a snickerdoodle like superwoman… which I’ll show you how in a moment… but first here are some reasons why you’ll wanna’ learn what a snickerdoodle is and how to round-house her like a wonder woman:

  • If you keep losing and gaining the same 12 pounds… despite going to the gym more often than a crazed-crossfitter… it’s the snickerdoodle…
  • If you can’t control your sugar-cravings because junkfood is an irresistible magnetic which keeps gravitating towards your hand then mouth… curse the snickerdoodle…
  • And if you die inside each time you see the numbers on the scale…

… well, lemme tell ya’, it’s the damn snickerdoodle!


… once I tell you what a snickerdoodle is and how you can round-house kick it… you’ll effortlessly release your inner fit and sexy self. So here’s exactly what a snickerdoodle is and how you can protect yourself from its deceiving and innocent aura.

But, first, on an unrelated note, would you eat cream of tartar?

Anyway, a snickerdoodle is a German cookie made with butter or oil, sugar, and flour and rolled in cinnamon sugar with baking soda and potassium bitartrate… and if you’re wondering what potassium bitartrate is it’s cream of tartar.

And cream of tartar is used to leaven the dough… and in medicine, it’s used as a laxative.

And that’s a snickerdoodle.

A sweet, tempting “treat” with a very weird ingredient people happily consume with great joy and big smiles.

Shocking and nasty, in’nit?

And with a name like snickerdoodle, I’m sure that you or I would have gladly ate one before we discovered what a snickerdoodle ACTUALLY is. And the snickerdoodle just isn’t an evil German cookie with a cute name used to trick its victims… oh no, the snickerdoodle is the symbol of all junkfood!

And the key to killing many of your junkfood cravings is first realizing that all junkfood is JUNK-food… because after that whenever you’re confronted with a seductive, mouth-watering treat and you know you shouldn’t eat it but the temptation is too strong…

… you simply “de-snickerdoodle-it”. And it’s damn easy. And if you do this one thing… you’ll avoid making one of the BIGGEST mistakes people make when they buy and eat junkfoods.

Shopping stores, who are part of the villainous snickerdoodle mafia, have purposely placed all their product backwards… and people don’t realize this… so they make the big mistake of reading the front of the wrapper, bag, or box with the sweet snickerdoodle-esque name first… a name that’s been carefully picked by a team of Madison Avenue marketers to trick and seduce you into eating a figure-destroying snickerdoodle so they can make a quick buck.

And the same thing happens when your friend asks you if you want some snickerdoodles rather than asking if I’d like to eat sugar coated laxatives…

So, to de-snickerdoodle anything here’s what you do. It’s a simple 4-step process you can do to curb any immediate craving.

1. Don’t let the snickerdoodle name fool you, toss and forget about it…

2. Find the label on the package which reveals the REAL name of what you are considering to eat. (The ingredient list.)…

3. Figure out what the hell it ACTUALLY means…

4. Call it what it actually is… and reconsider your choice…

So what happens is a powerful change of perspective few people experience. And you make the shocking, and revolting realization that your good friend is offering you sugar-coated laxatives rolled in cinnamon.

You can use this simple trick on anything and the results will shock you… however, this little trick, mind-hack, whatever you want to call it… if used will keep many unwanted pounds off your figure.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

And, how about this, would you like to know how you can increase the power of this trick to kick more cravings? Well, I’ve found using this trick in combination with a cuppa Naked Matcha is a powerful team… because if I’m up against the most devilishly delicious, junkfood temptation ever… and I de-snickerdoodle-it and discover it contains a bi-product of petroleum jelly… however, it looks sooo good I can’t reason straight… well, Naked Matcha is my back-up, my bullet-proof vest for my waist-line, because with it I can steer clear of any villainous snickerdoodle.

So if you really want to start kickin’ those cravings and protecting yourself from those unwanted pounds, get your “de-snickerdoodle” on and grab a bag of Naked Matcha: