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What grade of Naked Matcha is best for me?

Simple. This depends on how you would like to drink (and eat!) your matcha. Latte grade is… well… no surprise here, for lattes! Culinary grade is for cooking, baking, or mixing into smoothies or things like cereal, oatmeal, yogurt… the list is endless, really!

When is the best time to drink Naked Matcha?

If you could only have one cup of Naked Matcha a day, it would be best to drink it in the morning. Specifically, you would want to drink it immediately after a snack or breakfast for best effect.


Drinking Naked Matcha in the morning allows your body to take full advantage of its energy and metabolism boosting effects through most of the day.

But, if you could drink two cups a day (the ideal dose, in our humble opinion) the next best time to drink matcha is mid-afternoon. This fights that mid-afternoon crash most of us experience. This second cup will give you the kick to power you till later that evening.

How much matcha should I drink per day?

This depends entirely on you. However, we believe there is an ideal amount, a definite sweet spot!

We’ve found that most people like to drink 2 cups a day (1/2 to 1 tsp per cup). They drink one cup in the morning, and one cup mid-afternoon for best effects.

The morning cup helps kick start your day, and the second cup will power you through your afternoon!

Is it true that matcha can give me all-day energy?

Although everyone is different and experiences things differently, based on personal experience and the collective experience of others, matcha can give you all-day energy.

The secret to getting all-day energy is in timing. You need to space out your drinks by 4-6 hours. The key is to have a cup of matcha when you begin to feel your energy levels ever so slightly dip.

The best way to achieve this is so simple:

  1. Drink one cup with breakfast (say 7:00am)
  2. Drink one cup after lunch (noon)
  3. Drink one cup before dinner (5:oopm)

Try this simple “drinking” schedule for all-day energy. Of course, matcha effects everyone differently, but you will only know after trying such a schedule for a couple days.

How long will Naked Matcha stay fresh for?

How long Naked Matcha stays fresh for depends on two things. The date when it was ground and how well you store it.

Now, and here’s the thing… most matcha companies don’t tell you when their matcha was ground. But, at Naked Matcha we do things differently! We’ve labelled each pouch of matcha with the exact date it was ground on. This date can be found on the backside of the pouch.

If  unopened and stored properly, Naked Matcha will remain fresh for 12 months after the day it was ground.

If opened and properly stored in a resealable pouch (we provide one!), it keep its freshness (color, taste and smell) for 2 months.

See the next question to find out how to best store Naked Matcha.

How should I store my Naked Matcha?

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your Naked Matcha… that is, keep it potent for as long as possible… then you need to carefully store it in a proper place.

Consider this a WARNING… Naked Matcha does not like heat, air or light.

In fact, if matcha even touches one of these three elements it will EXPLODE!

Just kidding…

But seriously, matcha will quickly lose it’s color, taste, smell and powerful effects if you leave it exposed to these elements.

The best place to store your matcha is in an air-tight, resealable pouch in a cool and dark place like your fridge. If for whatever reason you don’t have a fridge, it can be stored with other food items that don’t require refrigerating. Just ensure that the room temperature is around 22 celsius (72 fahrenheit).

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