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How to Get a Raise From Your Boss So You Can Buy More Naked Matcha

Recently, I read a fascinating book on the science of body language.

It’s called the “The Definitive Book of Body Language” by Allan and Barbara Pease, and it gives us the clues needed to court maximum influence over our boss when we negotiate a pay raise because you’re a Naked Matcha addict.

Here’s a couple things you need to know:

  • Square tables create competitive or defensive relationships between people
  • Square tables are ideal for short to the point conversations
  • When two people sit across from each other, this is called the “gunslinger” position
  • The gunslinger position is creates resistance between people and is the most competitive position to take
  • Whereas, most cooperation comes from the person seated beside you
  • You have more power over the person seated to your right
  • And that’s why King Arthur’s Table was round so every knight had equal status and authority

Now, as you can see, where you sit is very important during your next employee evaluation because if you sit in the correct spot, at the corner of a square table with your boss to your right, you’ll be perceived as more powerful because your boss is seating in the submission position.

Dastardly stuff, eh? But, you gotta’ get that raise.


There’s one thing this book didn’t consider–and I think it’s even more important than where you sit–because this 1 thing can trump ANY seating arrangement. After all, it has the power to turn things sour, wild or just as planned. You see, what they didn’t consider is what you should be drinking when you sit…

… because what you drink when you sit is EVERYTHING.

Want proof?

You only need a little:

You’re on a date and you’re DRINKING wine.

Just on you first glass, you think your date is awkward and you want to ghost him.

But on your second glass, he’s suddenly cute and kind of funny

And on your third glass, he’s a hunk you want to head home with

So when you sit down to haggle with your boss for some more loot you won’t be bringing a glass of wine with you…

Because if you want to be on point, on top of your game, with a cool, calm, and confident posture the best thing for that is a cuppa Naked Matcha… because you’ll have your absolute wits about you while you’re sitting the position that gives you the most power!

So when you enter that room, lay down your boyfriend’s borrowed brief case for effect, lift up your aviators, ash out your cigar and lay your cards down in a win-all-or-nothing attitude for bigger bank… you’re gunna’ increase your chances of getting a raise to buy more Naked Matcha.

You can’ thank me later 😉

So, what are you waiting for? Get your loot girl!

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t tried the cool and calming effect of Naked Matcha yet you can try it for 5 days here: