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For more than 10 years, we’ve been continuously on the hunt for ways to feel better, look healthier, and do more.

In the process we’ve tried and tested supplements, superfoods, beverages, diets and workout plans that promised the results we wanted.

Most didn’t deliver while others did. But, in the process we discovered what we believe is quite possibly one of the healthiest and easiest habits in the world.

Drinking matcha green tea daily.

By simply mixing this superfood into water and drinking it daily we reached our fitness goals sooner, felt remarkably better, and reached new levels of energy that supported us in reaching our goals.

As our matcha habit developed we naturally stopped drinking coffee. We left behind coffee’s sudden energy rushes with subsequent crashes behind for good and opted-in for matcha’s calm and focused energy.

We wanted to share this experience with everyone who, like us, wanted to feel better and get more done.

But, there was one problem.

We wanted to be sure that we were drinking the purest, freshest and highest quality matcha. When we started looking for matcha that met our our uncompromising (perhaps unreasonable!) needs, we quickly became disappointed with what was available in Canada and we noticed that there was void in the marketplace.

So that’s when the search begun for finding matcha that was…

  • freshly ground… matcha is similar to coffee in that it tastes better when it’s freshly ground
  • directly sourced… we wanted to get to know the people that produce the tea
  • high quality… work with people that are passionate about tea and that use only high quality green tea leaves
  • organic… it’s crazy the amount of chemicals that are added during the production of tea, so we only wanted organic
  • bare-naked… no additives, preservatives or other nasty stuff

We searched for the perfect matcha for many months in Asia… we taste tested a lot of matcha. Some of it was really good, some down right yucky.

Our search ended in Japan in the Kyoto and Kagoshima prefectures. These two prefectures have a long history of green tea cultivation and is believed to produce some of the best (or the best) green tea in the world.

It is in these two prefectures that we made connections with passionate organic tea growers. And through our partnerships with these farmers, we are able to source freshly ground, high-quality, Naked Matcha green tea to share with you today.

Matcha has literally changed our world, and we hope that you try Naked Matcha and see how it can change yours!

Paul & Laura Nielsen