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43 Year-Old Woman Who Looks 30 Tries 800 Year-Old Beauty Trick And Wishes She Found It Many Years Sooner


43 year-old Natasha Daniloff looks great! In fact, according to her friends and 28 year-old boyfriend, Natasha looks like she’s 30!

43 year-old Natasha Daniloff makes her living by being and staying forever young.

In fact, according to her friends and 28 year-old boyfriend, Natasha looks like she’s 30!

So if you’d like to hear how Natasha has preserved her look, you’re in the right place because you’re about to discover her most recent look-younger trick.

But, before you hear exactly what her newest trick is… there’s something you should know about Natasha:

Despite her youthful appearance at 43 she suffers from highly reactive skin and burning inflammation.

And to make matters worse…  her face is so sensitive that she’s been avoiding products that aren’t 100% organic and made of natural ingredients for 17 years! Because when her face flares up it seers like a sun-burn and the flare-ups look like embarrassing acne-breakouts.

Yet despite her bad skin condition she’s wonderfully preserved her youth and beauty.

You must be wondering, how does she defy her age?

It’s simple, really.

After all, just imagine, how many real beauty secrets would you know of if you devoted your entire life for 17 years looking for, testing, and improving on these secrets? I’m sure you’d discover things you have no idea even existed… you agree?

Because that’s exactly what Natasha did. She’s devoted 17 years to specializing in all-natural beauty treatments as a professional esthetician and make-up artist.

And, after 17 years she’s discovered some very real and effective look-younger tricks. And whenever she finds something that works, she adds it to her “bag of beauty secrets”. And these secrets, for the most part, remain known only by her clientele of women who pay her to make them look years younger and more attractive.

And for you today, she’s going to reveal her newest beauty secret she wished she had stumbled on years sooner.

Here’s what happened when Natasha soaked her face in 15 cups of green tea:


I was asked by Naked Matcha if I would try their Matcha powder as a facial mask, to see how I thought it compared to other facial masks I have tried. I was excited because it’s organic and was curious to see the results if any. I’ll try anything on my face that if it’s good enough for me that I can consume it.


I must admit I have not tried any of the commercial facial masks on the market in almost two decades. Because I try to stay away from anything synthetic and chemically engineered in a lab. After all, the majority of facial masks on the market contain known carcinogens: parabens, formaldehyde and polyethylene glycols. I have however been using holistic, and botanically based skin care products on my face for the past 17 years.

The first thing I noticed when I tried Naked Matcha as a facial mask is how it couldn’t be easier. At first I was inclined to add other natural ingredients, but before I experiment further, I chose to just use water to see and feel it’s true potential.

All I did was add 1 tbls of water to 1 tbls of Naked Matcha and stirred. That’s it.  And I was was pleasantly surprised at how perfectly it turned into a soft paste and or clay-like consistency.

This made it very easy to apply it to my entire face and I liked how it spread on the skin nice and evenly.

Immediately, I felt it’s cooling effect which lasted for the entire 10 minutes the mask was on. This sensation was very soothing and  felt absolutely wonderful on my skin since I suffer from Rosacea, which makes my face feel sun-burnt.

When I removed the mask with warm water, I was so pleased with the after effects. It didn’t irritate my highly reactive & sensitive skin, and it actually calmed down my reoccurring inflammation completely! Also, it noticeably minimized my enlarged pores, which in turn reduced my excessive oil production – but wasn’t at all drying. My skins ph felt balanced & comfortable, and my skin texture looked & felt smooth. Also, and this was unexpected, it greatly reduced my acute irritation too.

But my favorite benefit of all was that my constant facial redness almost entirely disappeared.

The faint green hue left on my skin was counteracting my facial redness, creating a natural color correction much in the same a green complexion correcting makeup cancels out red for a more even looking skin tone.

Going forward, I will definitely use this face mask as part of my weekly skincare regime. I love the simplicity of it… and what could be better than all natural, effortless beauty? This trick is going right into my bag of beauty secrets. Wish I had discovered it sooner!

— Natasha Daniloff

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