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Experience Naked Matcha for 5 Days (10 Single Servings)

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Tired of feeling tired? Ready to level up your energy levels so you can focus and hustle hard at work and in the gym?

Experience the calm and focused energy of Naked Matcha with our 5 day matcha experience!


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Product Description

Want to experience Naked Matcha for 5 days?

Enjoy 10 single-serving packages of premium organic Japanese matcha green tea — more than enough to test how matcha’s appetite-suppressing, mind-stimulating, and energy boosting benefits effect you!

Each single-serving contains 1.5g of our premium organic culinary matcha. The perfect amount to add to your smoothie, protein shake, baked goods, cereal or yogurt… it’s also the perfect amount to make a rejuvenating face mask!


We recommend having two servings a day — one in the morning, and one later in the afternoon — to experience all day energy. If you like working out like we do, you can also enjoy matcha 30 minutes before your workout to increase blood flow to your muscles, increase focus, and boost energy.

What is matcha?

In a nutshell, matcha is a finely powdered green tea. It’s different from most tea in that you drink the whole leaf rather than an infusion of the leaf. A lot of the benefits that you would get from tea, are left behind in the leaf and tossed away.

You may have heard of “powdered green tea” or “green tea extract.” Matcha is different from these two things in that the harvesting and production is more intensive and quite unique. Unlike other tea, prior to harvest, the tea plants are shaded. This increases the chlorophyll content in the leaf as well as increasing the concentration of a powerful amino acid, L-theanine.

L-theanine is a rare amino acid in nature that is found in matcha at a very high concentration. It’s content in regular green tea/green tea powder is low. L-theanine provides a number of benefits including:

  • improved focus
  • improved mood
  • improved attention
  • improved performance in the gym

When combined with caffeine – L-theanine and caffeine make the perfect pair for providing calm & focused energy. L-theanine counteracts some of the negative effects of too much caffeine like jitters and lack of focus.

Compared to most tea, matcha contains a fair amount of caffeine. About ~70 mg per 2g. In comparison, a cup of coffee contains about 100 mg.

Caffeine has a number of benefits, including:

  • increased daily energy expenditure
  • improved strength
  • improved muscle endurance
  • improved anaerobic performance

Unlike coffee and other caffeinated beverages, matcha contains slow-release caffeine. Some of the caffeine in matcha is bound to components in the leaf. Bound-caffeine requires further processing in the body than free-caffeine. So instead of a sudden rush of caffeine into the blood like you experience with most caffeinated beverages, matcha provides a slower onset and subsequent offset of energy. Thereby providing a much smoother energy ride.

Matcha also contains a boat load of antioxidants. Well, not literally a boat load. But, you would have to drink 10 cups of green tea to get the equivalent amount of antioxidants in one serving of matcha.

Further, matcha has 5x as much antioxidants by weight as goji berries and 25x more than the more popular acai berries.

This 5 day experience is perfect for you if…

  • You have never experienced the powerful benefits of matcha
  • You want an easy way to boost focus & energy during your day
  • You want to kick your coffee/energy drink habit – are you tired of the sudden energy rush and subsequent crash after drinking coffee/energy drinks? Matcha contains L-theanine that mitigates some of the negative effects of caffeine when taken on its own. L-theanine improves focus, mood and attention. During your 5 day experience, ditch the coffee/energy drinks and have matcha instead. Over the 5 days, be aware of how you feel
  • You find tea is “weak” and you have to drink 2 or more cups to feel some sort of energy from it – we hear this a lot from our new customers that LOVE to drink tea but don’t find that it gives them the energy kick that they sometimes want it to. The energy matcha gives you is unparalleled to any tea we’ve tried.

3 reviews for Experience Naked Matcha for 5 Days (10 Single Servings)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Just received my package in the mail! Tried a matcha shot and love the fresh taste. I’m looking forward to trying other matcha goodies over the next 5 days!

  2. 5 out of 5


    What a gift! Finally, a cure for my afternoon blahs and it was so simple to add to my daily routine.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been feeling frazzled and sluggish lately. Sometimes I can’t get myself off the couch unless I drink half pot of coffee. It’s bad! Anyways, after looking around I thought I’d give Naked Matcha a try. After all, I had nothing to lose. What can I say? In those 5 days I turned right around. I had more energy and focus and felt way more present. I’m recommending that all of my girlfriends try it out.

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