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Why I Don’t Drink Coffee Without A Drug Scale And Why You Shouldn’t Either

I smuggle a drug scale into the office 3 to 4 times a week… and nobody knew about this until now.

It’s a drug-dealers favorite tool… a high-precision, Gemini-20 scale and it can weigh as little as 1mg (1/1000th of a gram!)… and I use it to transform coffee into a far more potent mind-enhancer which brings on intense focus, motivation and feelings of calm…

And along with my scale I also carry a set of small measuring spoons… and when no one is looking, and I’m in my private office, I carefully setup my drug scale behind my computer screen… reach for a measuring spoon and I… ever so quietly… scoop and pour 200mg of white powder onto the scale.

Then I make any adjustments to my dose before dumping it into my coffee and drinking it.

And the effect is wonderful and perfect for a dramatically improved coffee “high” while eliminating the jitters, anxiety and crash of coffee.

Now, if this sounds crazy, hold that thought for a second, because you’re going to want to try this yourself… without a drug scale… because it’s completely safe, legal, all-natural and has been used as a mind-hack for over 800 years and is known as the “bliss chemical”.

And it’s quickly becoming popular among students, athletes and entrepreneurs because, and again, it’s safe and it’s clinically proven to improve your ability to learn, focus, and relax without feeling sedated.

It makes you feel more aware and energized than what caffeine normally triggers on its own and this, among the other things I’ve told you so far, are why you shouldn’t drink coffee without this bliss chemical either.

And if you’re still concerned, there’s one thing you should know.

There’s a really good chance you’ve already tried it, but in in-effective trace amounts, because it’s found in green tea.

What I’m talking about is L-Theanine… it’s an amino acid which many scientists have investigated for its mood-modulating effects… considered a relaxant for the mind because it promotes relaxation without sedation by increasing your brains levels of dopamine and it works synergistically with caffeine (coffee).

Although it is very rare, you can purchase it over the counter and many people. Mostly, students and people who can’t stand the anxiety and jitters of coffee but want to magnify coffee’s benefits without the side-effects simply add L-Theanine to it.

Do a quick Google or an Amazon search and you’ll find many brands. And you can buy them in vegan capsules so you can try it without needing a drug scale… or even better… you can go straight to the best source of naturally occurring L-Theanine:

Naked Matcha.

That’s because matcha contains the highest level of L-Theanine than any other tea leaf. Why?

That’s because of how it is grown. Specifically, when matcha is shaded from the sun for 6 weeks before it is harvested, the uppermost leaves burst with overwhelming amounts chlorophyll… that’s the stuff that makes plant leaves green… and the build up of chlorophyll is caused by the plant trying to capture any remaining morsel of sunlight to for energy… and in the process, high-concentrations of L-Theanine develop.

And when you drink Naked Matcha, which naturally contains L-Theanine AND caffeine, they work together to bring you into a flow state.

If you haven’t heard of that expression before it is a state of mind described as being in complete absorption in the activity at hand.

That state of mind where all your anxieties, fears and worries seem to slip away and you become enthralled and are completely content with the task at hand.

Can you see how helpful that may be to you?

And one finaly thing before I make a shameless plug for Naked Matcha so you can experience what I’ve described:

Oddly, L-Theanine is the 5th scientific flavor too… because it isn’t sour, sweet, salty or bitter…

It’s umami flavored… which is Japanese for savory taste.

Now, if you don’t have a drug scale like me, and you rather not spend time and money seeking out a good brand of L-Theanine on Google or Amazon, then I’d be a fool if I didn’t share my link to try Naked Matcha for 5 days free: